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About Hospitalization


Hospitalization procedure requires the following items. We will keep you informed on details accordingly.

  • Health insurance card, elderly healthcare certificate (if issued)
  • Patient registration card of our hospital
  • Application for admission
  • Interview sheet for admission
  • Deposit for admission (payable by cash only)
  • eal

Note) Depending on the type of room, you need to pay for differential bed fee.
  Please ask questions on this matter at the time of procedure.

Table of Admission Deposits

Deposits are money which we keep temporarily. They will be returned at the time of hospitalization expenses payment.

Category Deposits (yen)
Young-old (aged 65-74) /Old-old (aged 75 or older) elderly medical insurance 50,000 yen
Health insurance, national health insurance, retiree health care system 80,000 yen
Automobile liability insurance, workers’ compensation 50,000 yen
At patient's own expense (traffic accident, workers’ compensation), undetermined 100,000 yen
Short-term hospitalization (within 3 days) 50,000 yen
  • If you prefer a private room, you need to pay 100,000 yen additionally to the above deposit.
  • In case charges for workers’ compensation or traffic accident are delegated, the deposit that you paid will be adjusted after we confirm the receipt of the hospitalization charges.
  • Please pay admission deposit as well as submit the procedural documents at the time of admission or within 3 days after admission.

  • * Please make sure that you keep the deposit receipt until the account is adjusted, because the receipt is needed for accounting.

What you need to prepare for admission

  • Toiletry goods (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)
  • Clothes (underwear, gown, etc.)
  • Daily commodities (glass, cup, slippers, wipe, etc.)
  • Please minimize your personal belongings and don’t bring valuable items. Please make sure that your name is written onto all your belongings.
  • We have rental system for towels, bath towels, sleepwear, and diapers. Please contact to a chief nurse of a ward in charge.

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