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Rules for Inpatients

“Do not smoke at our hospital.”

Smoking is banned in all facilities of our hospital. Do not smoke on the premises as well as on the periphery of the hospital.
Thank you for your kind cooperation for better healthcare environment.

“Please refrain from using mobile phones.”

Use of mobile phones is prohibited because mobile phone use could be a cause of medical device malfunction. You can use a mobile phone at a special area of each floor.

“Parking fee is charged for inpatients’ use of parking lots.”

Please note that parking fee is charged for inpatients’ use of parking lots during hospitalization.

Other Notices

  • The lights-out time is 21:00. We appreciate your kind understanding.
  • Please eciate your kind understanding.ing hospitalized. use could be a cause of medical device keep quiet in order not to disturb others.
  • Doctor’s approval is required for outing/staying out.
  • Drinking during hospitalization is strictly prohibited.
  • Depending on the room type, you need to pay differential room charge.
  • You may be asked to change the room due to consultation/treatment situations.
  • During hospitalization, please follow doctors’/nurses’ instructions.
  • Hospital meals are prepared considering calories or nutrition. Depending on patients’ conditions, they may be therapeutic diets. Therefore, please do not bring foods from the outside of hospital, due to the possibility that it may disturb treatment.
  • Public phones are available at a lobby of each floor.
  • Public phones can be used from 6am to 9pm.
  • Pay television is equipped with each bed.
  • Please minimize the amount of money that you bring. If you keep a significant amount of money or valuable items with you, please consult with a chief nurse of the ward.
  • Please refrain from using a parking lot for others while you are being hospitalized.

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