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Visiting Hours

For patients’ adequate rest and treatments, the hours for visiting inpatients are as follows;

 *Monday-Saturday 1:00pm~8:00pm
 *Sunday and National Holiday: 10:00am~8:00pm

Process for Visitors

  1. Turn right at the main entrance and go to the ward using elevator.
  2. Please fill out the reception sheet at the staff station of the ward.
  3. Please keep the visitor card with yourself during your visit.

  • The process is different at ICU (2F) and recovery rooms of each floor. Please refer to the information of each floor.
  • We ask you to refrain from visiting inpatients outside of the visiting hours, due to the possible interruption to treatment, etc.
  • You may not always see an inpatient depending on the treatment or the patient’s condition.
  • Please refrain from visiting inpatients in a large group, for a long time, with a small child, or with a person who is sick (due to fever, coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, or a rash).
  • Parking fee is charged for visitors. Please pay the fee at the fee adjustment machine at the parking lot exit, when you leave the hospital.
  • Please do not bring fresh flowers, dried flowers, or potted plants.

Parking Area

Parking fees, use of parking area, and other information is as follows.

Access and How to Use Parking Area

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